Keynotes & Agenda
Bernardo Hernandez
Head of Global Emerging Platforms, Google
Adam Brotman
VP & GM Digital Ventures
Paul Adams
Global Brand Experience
Manager of Facebook
Keynotes & Fireside Chats:
- Brian McClendon, Google
- Adam Brotman, Starbucks
- Paul Adams, Facebook
- The Future of Mobile-Loco Commerce
- The Brands are Coming, the Brands are Coming
- Tap, Tap: is the NFC tipping finally here?
- Daily Deals Suck! Why and What to Do about It
- It’s the Context, Stupid
- The Future of Geo-Loco Investment
- API overload: Making $$$$ and Sense…
- The Great Indoors: The Indoor LBS Future
- The Future(s) of LBS
7:30 am     Registration and Breakfast
8:00 am    Opening Remarks: Mark Evans and Robert Scoble

8:10 am     The Future of Mobile-Loco Commerce

Mobile-loco commerce is really “all” commerce (or at least 93% of it). What’s the difference between “finding” a product on your phone or tablet (and then being driven into the store), and “discovering” that your present (or planned next) location happens to be where a product you may desire is on sale…?  We will unwind the mobile commerce process first, and then help brands, shopkeepers and technology innovators understand how to “take it loco”.

Moderator: Dr. Phil Hendrix, immr
- Holger Luedorf, VP, Mobile and International, foursquare
- Sylvain Carle, CTO, Needium
- Victor Wong, CEO, PaperG
- Chung Meng Cheong, VP,  Ad Products, ATTi

8:40 am     It’s the Context, Stupid: Turning Dumb Features into Smart Ones

Your door is a jar.  Your door is ajar.  Same thing, but not.  Putting a big pin on a map is no longer impressive or even necessarily valuable or actionable to a consumer today.  Static maps and routes are being replaced with real-time layers of data that change dynamically to deliver ongoing value in real time— as you move from place to place, or as you view various places.

This session will provide real insight and practical information on how to deliver big value to mundane consumer interactions and drive better engagement with a brand or service.  For example:  How far will you drive to get that extra low price?  Will you divert your regular route to get some other benefit?  Would you try a new brand close-by if it were recommended by the right people?

Moderator: Di-Ann Eisnor, VP Platform and Partnerships, Waze
- Darian Shirazi, CEO & Founder, Fwix
- Rip Gerber , President & CEO, LOC-AID
- Greg Dicum, President & Co-Founder, MondoWindow
- Rob Reed, Founder & CEO, MomentFeed
- Jay Ganaden, VP Digital Strategy of Momentum

9:10 am     Keynote: Paul Adams, Global Brand Experience Manager of Facebook

9:40 am     Fireside Chat w/Paul Adams, Facebook and Robert Scoble

10:00 am Break

10:30 am   The Future(s) of Location Based Services

“The Futures of LBS” will address potential longer-term scenarios of LBS as it evolves and becomes a pervasive part of our personal lives, our work and our communities.  This panel of Thought Leaders will reflect on emerging Geo-Loco developments and share their views on emerging technological developments, the business opportunities and the social impact.  Is location just another data point in the bigger picture of total context awareness and hyper-personalization?  How will we protect personal privacy?  And who will be showing us the money for LBS?

Moderator: Gigi Wang, MIT/Stanford Venture Lab
- Bob Upham, Director, Business Development, Yahoo!
- Bo Begole, Principal Scientist, PARC, a Xerox company
- David Chiu, President, San Francisco Board of Supervisors (Mayoral Candidate)-
- David Staas, VP of Marketing of JiWire

11:00 am    Keynote: Bernardo Hernandez, Head of Global Emerging Platforms, Google


11:30 am    Fireside Chat: Bernardo Hernandez, Google and Marc Prioleau, Managing Director, Prioleau Advisors

11:50 pm    The Brands are Coming, the Brands are Coming
The top 25 brands represent the majority of ad spend at the national scale.  They represent the majority of local and cooperative ad spend, and they play prominently in direct-to-consumer promotional spend, rebates and coupons that drive traffic to the stores.

Brands need to understand how and where to engage the many-tiered promotional system that consumers see every day. GeoLoco touches every tier and is important for every consumer touch-point.  How can consumers begin to see brands as a point for new discovery of products and services, as well as a 2 way interactive “conversation.”  In this session we’ll explore some practical approaches to engaging brands and making it Loco.

Moderator: Mark Silva, SVP, Emerging Platforms, Anthem Worldwide
- David Wolf, Vice President, Global Business & Market Development at American Express
- Courtnee Westendorf, VP of Consumer Marketing, Walt Disney Company
- Elijah Degen, Integrated Digital Marketing, Emerging Markets of Lenovo
- Michael Hammer, Director, Venture Capital Strategy of PepsiCo

12:30 pm Lunch

1:30 pm     Keynote: Adam Brotman, GM & VP of Digital Ventures, Starbucks


2:00 pm     Tap, Tap: is the NFC tipping finally here?
What is NFC?  It is a simple bridge from hand-held devices to a network, and often directly to another nearby device?  There is a hype-cycle happening these days around NFC:  The newest and possibly the best way to enable payments, personal contact exchange, transit, identity, and the list goes on.

Now that handset makers are finally delivering NFC elements in the devices, what relevance does this old RFID-based conduit have to today’s brands, shopkeepers and most importantly, to consumers?  Is there FUD around security and privacy?  You bet.  Is there huge opportunity in this standard?  Also yes.

Our panel will explore the opportunities brands and service providers have, to adapt their User Experience to take advantage of the transactional and common-sense benefits.

Moderator: Jeff Miles, VP Mobile Transactions, NXP Semiconductors
- Karen Webster, CEO, Market Platform Dynamics
- Jeff Aguero, Head of Local Consumer Marketing, Google
- Javed Chaudry, Director, M-Commerce, Motorola Mobility
- Senthil Kanagaratnam, VP, Integrated Systems, VeriFone

2:30 pm     Fireside Chat: Adam Brotman, Starbucks and Owen Thomas, Daily Dot


3:00 pm     API overload: Making $$$$ and Sense with Data, Context, and Infrastructure
It’s getting cheaper and easier to “layer” or aggregate numerous data streams, including location, consumer behavior, historic and real-time demand, and the list goes on.

Our panel will explore the many types of data providers, and what their service “terms of engagement” and unique value-add are today.

When and how should you engage in this process?  How many calories should a business spend on aggregating all of this data?  When does the allure of “having all of the data” become a diminishing benefit?

We will provide practical ways to judge how and when to bring in new data streams, and how to leverage expertise of others to make it faster and more agile.  We will also dive into different ways of holding marketers, partners and agencies accountable for return and performance.  In other words:  “what’s the ROI” on this effort?

Moderator: Hugh Fletcher of Verizon, Director, Network APIs
- J. Kim Fennell, CEO of deCarta
- Gary Gale, Director, Places Registry of Nokia
- Randi Barshack, VP of Marketing, Mashery
- Miten Sampat, VP of Product Strategy, Quova



3:30 pm Break

4:00 pm    Daily Deals Suck! Why and What to Do about It
Daily deals hold the promise of serendipity, discovery, mystery and surprising value. They can also be addictive, and can re-set consumers’ expectations about price and value.  Ten one-night stands does not make a “relationship.” Fortunately there are now plenty of integrated marketing and communications tools, platforms and analytics to enable savvy marketers, shopkeepers and brands to stay out of trouble. We will explore basic ways to turn crack cocaine into customer goodness and solid, profitable new relationships.

Moderator: Dana Oshiro, Senior Analyst and Publishing Strategist, NetShelter
- Lilia Martinez-Coburn, VP Product of BluLabel
- Jeremy Geiger, President of Retailigence
- Chris Silva, Industry Analyst, Mobile of Altimeter Group
- Laurence Marks, Chief Revenue Officer, ChoozOn

4:30 pm     The Great Indoors: the Future of Indoor Location Based Services and Advertising

Retailers have spent decades perfecting concepts such as “drive  aisle” and “shopping experience.”  Should we simply toss that out? How can we look at apps and services “in-store” Just because “we can” does not mean “we should. We will explore tactics to stay away from “creepy” and flip the consumer engagement. This will create better “opt-in” and welcomed suggestions right “from within” the store or venue.

Moderator: Mike Boland, Senior Analyst of BIA/Kelsey
- Ankit Agarwal, CEO of Micello
- Marc Kleinmaier, Business Development – LBS, Lifestyle & Gadgets at Nokia
- Doug Galen, Chief Revenue Officer of shopkick
- Tom Owen, Business Development, EveryScape


5:00 pm     The Future of Geo-Loco Investment
Buried treasure?   Notwithstanding the market gyrations this year, there will remain a strong appetite for mobile and Location-based services that solve a real problem.  There will be more investment dollars coming into this marketplace than ever before.  Entrepreneurs will be held to a high standard in terms of customer and end user traction, business model and team cohesion.  Our panel will discuss “where is the money going” in mobile and GeoLoco services.

Moderator: Marc Prioleau, Managing Director, Prioleau Advisors
- John Malloy, General Partner, co-founder, BlueRun Ventures
- Dev Khare, Principal, Lightspeed Venture Partners
- David Lee, Founding Partner, SV Angel
- Brian Andersen, Partner, LUMA Partners

5:30 pm     Closing remarks with Robert Scoble

5:40 pm
Loco Giveaway

5:45 pm