How High Waisted Bikinis Flatter Any Figure

High waisted bikinis are commonly renowned as a ‘universally flattering’ swimwear style. These retro-inspired bikinis just seem to look good on anyone who wears them. The fact that high waisted bikinis are so flattering for such a wide range of body types, shapes, and sizes is a major relief for women who dread swimsuit season every year.

One of the biggest reasons why so many women feel anxious about swimwear is because trendy two-piece bikinis showcase your entire midsection, which most women consider to be the biggest source of their body insecurities. 

In just the past few years, high waisted bikinis have absolutely revolutionized the women’s swimwear industry. These universally flattering and forgiving styles have made the thought of shopping for a two-piece far less stressful and anxiety-inducing for many women and have saved countless women from the struggle of furiously crash-dieting for months leading up to bikini season just to look better in a low-rise bikini. High waisted bikinis almost seem too good to be true. How does one swimwear style manage to fit and flatter such a diverse range of figures so well?

  • Curvy Figures with a Full Bust

Finding well-fitting, flattering swimwear as a curvy woman with large breasts can be a very frustrating challenge. High waisted bottoms ease this challenge, as they complement bulky, support-heavy bikini tops much better than low-rise bottoms.

Bra-sized halter tops, longline tops, and tops with molded cups and wide straps are all secure, supportive tops that also pair effortlessly with high waisted bikini bottoms for a balanced, sexy finish.

  • Curvy Figures with a Tummy

High waisted bikinis work magic when it comes to hiding tummies and love handles that would be exposed and emphasized in low-rise bikini bottoms. These bikinis extend up to your belly button and offer coverage for your midsection to sculpt your curves and conceal any bulges to create a smooth and sexy finish.

If you feel insecure about your tummy, find high waisted bottoms that include ruching or other texture in front to hide any bumps and bulges. Solid, dark colors like black, navy blue, and maroon are all ideal, slimming options for your high waisted bottoms. Pairing your bottoms with a bikini top that features a plunging neckline helps draw more attention to your cleavage and keeps the focus off your midsection.

  • Slim and Athletic Figures

Even though high waisted bikinis are widely renowned for their ability to flatter curvy, plus size women like no other swimwear style can, high waisted styles can be just as flattering for women with slender, athletic figures as well.

High waisted bikini bottoms with details and accents like strappy designs and bold patterns are most flattering for slim women with a straight or athletic figure. Detailing and bold prints give the illusion of a curvier waist and hips and help emphasize your shape so you don’t look so straight up and down. High waisted bikini bottoms with a revealing cheeky or thong cut that shows off your backside also help emphasize and draw more attention to your rear if you lack natural curves.

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